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John o' Groats - Land's End
32 Marathons in 32 Days
Start date: 20th september 2021
John o' Groats - Land's End
32 Marathons in 32 Days
Start date: 20th september 2021

Henry will be taking on this mammoth challenge to help raise awareness of Male Suicide, PTSD & Stress.

All money raised will go to the Jet Singh Trust

(registered charity number: 1173535)

The Route

If you want to join me on any of my runs, from a single mile to a marathon then please get in touch

About me

Henry Ainsley aka ‘The Bearded Runner’ was born in 1972 and raised in Halifax, a small town in Yorkshire located in the north of England.
Henry has always been a natural athlete, he was the schoolboy running champion and played football for Mixenden United.

Within the space of a year, Henry had lost his brother, uncle and close friend all to suicide. Henry, fell into a deep depression, not liking himself, not sleeping, not eating, into a cycle of self-abuse and was suffering from survivors’ guilt. It was easier for Henry to take his own life rather than fight the big black cloud of darkness that was cast over him.

Henry began to do dry runs to take his own life and on one occasion he drove to a road where the lorries speed past and went to drive in front of one. He heard his son’s voice saying “don’t do it”. He went home alone, put some trainers on, started running and the rest, as they say, is history.

Henry made a vow to do something positive with his life and help other people. Due to his battle with suicide Henry was inspired to run 52 half marathons in 52 weeks, which he completed last year.

He will now be running to help raise awareness around mental health, PTSD, and suicide prevention and following on from the success from last year’s challenge, he will be running 32 marathons in 32 days.

jet singh trust

The trust was formed by a group of family and friends who came together to honour the memory of Jatinder (Jet) Singh Chatha (1983 – 2016). Jet was a Wolverhampton based wrestler and fitness trainer who was passionate about promoting good health. Jet proudly represented England in wrestling at the 2002 Commonwealth Games.
The Trust organise and participate in events and challenges for men, women and children of all abilities, aimed at pushing people beyond their current physical and mental capabilities. Some of these challenges range from tough mudders, national 3 peaks, bike rides, running events, ultra-marathons, car rallies and skydives are a few of the many events the Trust organises.

We research local, national and international charities where your well-received donations will make an immediate impact. We have supported numerous charities and independent causes, such as Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Papyrus, Mind and Sikh Helpline to name a few. The Trust also has many projects of its own. We have a free hospital and an orphanage in Punjab, India, Born to walk Campaign for children that suffer from Cerebral Palsy, food bank as well a Mixed Martial Arts Centre.

The Jet Singh Trust ensures that 100% of your donation goes to the intended cause with the running and operation of the charity being funded by our kind sponsors, allowing us to focus on helping others.



Thank you to the following who are supporting me on my challenge. 

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